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Description of the program

Our training program is focus on build up the strategic plan of the organization using different techniques such as balance score card  by studying the stages of strategic management starting from preparation of the organization, tools of analysis of external and internal factors, choose the correct strategy as well as execution and evaluation of the strategy using different tools on each stage which can support the trainees and some workshops and practical exercise to apply different tools in each stage of the strategic management and support the change of the organization’s culture toward strategic thinking, by the end of the course all the attendees can be part of the strategic management cycle of them organization and can support the strategic thinking of them organizations using different tools and techniques 

Importance of the program:

This course can support the trainee in understanding the stages of strategic management as well as use different techniques in analyze the internal and external factors, select the correct strategy and evaluate the success of the strategic plan of his / her organization as well as spread out the strategic thinking within the organization


Part 1 Strategy Development

  • Introduction about Strategic Management
    • What is strategy?
    • What is strategic planning?
    • Types of the companies
    • Preparation of the organization for Strategic Management
    • Strategic Thinking Vs Strategic Management
    • The role is strategic Planning
  • Stages of strategic Management
    • Vison and Mission
    • Values and Value gap analysis
    • Long Term and Short term goals and objectives
    • SWOT Analysis

Part 2 External Factors analysis:

  • The relation between the external factors and the company
  • External Factors Related to the Organization:
    • Stakeholders analysis
    • Product life cycle
    • Types of Competition
    • Demand Curve
    • Competition Analysis (Porter 5 Forces)
    • Barriers to Exit and entry to the market
  • Common External Factors:
    • PESTEL Analysis
  • Opportunities and Threats
  • EFE (External Factors Evaluation matrix)

Part 3 Internal Factors analysis

  • Mckinsey 7Ss
  • 9 wastes Analysis
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Internal Departments Analysis:
    • Management
    • Financial ratios
    • Marketing
    • Product Portfolio (Boston Consultancy Group Matrix of products)
  • Strengths and weakness
  • IFE (Internal Factors Evaluation Matrix)

Part 4 strategy choice

  • Matching strategy
    • SWOT – TOWS matrix
  • Strategy choice
  • Corporate level strategies
  • Business level strategies
  • Prioritization Matrix
  • Strategy executions
  • Organization structure
  • Resource allocation
  • Balance scorecard

Who can attend this program?

  • Strategic Management Managers
  • Corporate Planning Managers and Chief officers
  • Governmental, Privet sector and Charities managers
  • Project Managers
  • Board of Directors of organizations
  • Students of MBAs and DBAs
  • Strategists
  • Mid and first level management

4 days / 3 hour’s daily

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