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Excellent presentation skills are vital to success in today working environment, and the pressure on professional businesspeople to excel in projecting a good self- image in the public forum is never ending.

On the other hand, presentation is a sort of communication with audience, and there are many shared elements between both domains. Eventually great presenters are excellent communicators. Excellent Communication Skills are crucial to succeed in life and business.

About the Learning Program

This program will walk delegates through a step – by – step process of preparing, then delivering dynamic and engaging professional presentations that leaves an impact. It will also help them control the stage fear and tension before presenting; and will allow them to handle audience questions after delivering their speech.

Again, the Communication element of this course will enhance the professional ability to connect with their customers and build a long-term trusting relation.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the mechanism of communication
  • To explore communication barriers with their customers
  • To learn the 5 Cs of impactful communication
  • To understand the 3 elements of effective communication
  • To acquire ways to be effective listeners
  • To provide the essential and the practical techniques for effective presentation
  • To provide techniques to impress the audience and keep them attracted
  • To provide techniques for handling audience questions
  • To improve the delegates delivery skills

What the Delegates Will Gain

  • Communicate effectively with their customers
  • Overcome the barriers of communication with their customers
  • Build rapport with new customers and trust with existing ones
  • Listen effectively to respond well to customer comments
  • Listen effectively to catch more business opportunities
  • Understand the increasing importance of the use of body language
  • Build rapport based on their customer understanding
  • Use positive words to build a constructive dialogue with their customers
  • Learn different ways to enhance their effective listening
  • Identify the importance of being a professional presenter
  • Find ways to overcome the most common speaker’s fears
  • Prepare the presentation in the form of an attractive story
  • Learn the ways for professional rehearsal
  • Control their nervousness and stage freight
  • Understand how to deliver attractive opening
  • Learn tactics for closing their talk with impact
  • Apply fifteen effective delivery techniques to maintain audience attention
  • Handle difficult audience’ questions

Training Course Contents

Session 1

  1. Why do we communicate
  2. The communication process
  3. Communication barriers
  4. The 5 Cs of impactful communication
  5. The 7 Cs of impactful communication
  6. The 3 elements of face-to-face communication
  7. Use of positive words
  8. Make body language work for you
  9. How to use you voice to impact others

Session 2

  1. Listening is not hearing
  2. Cost of poor listening
  3. Benefits of effective listening
  4. Levels of listening
  5. Tactics for effective listening

Session 3

  1. Psychological Insight of Public Speaking
    • Definition of effective presentation
    • Common speakers’ fears
    • Root cause analysis of speaker fears
    • Criteria of impactful presentations
  2. Build an Attractive Story
    • The three parts of presentation
    • Design an attractive opening: opening strategies
    • Make the body of the presentation engaging
    • Close with impact: Closing tactics
    • Tips for using power point slides
  3. Structure Your Presentation
    • The 10 steps for building a powerful presentation

Session 4

4. Professional Preparation

  • Professional rehearsal
  • Checking the room
  • Equipment control

5. Stage Fright

  • Signs of speaker’s nervousness
  • Controlling nervousness

6. Dynamic Delivery

15 most important delivery techniques focusing on:

  • Posture
  • Eye contact
  • Using your voice
  • Movements on the stage
  • Gestures

Session 5

7.     Handling Audience Question

  • Why audience ask questions?
  • How to respond to audience questions

8.     Practice Session

This session will give participants the opportunity to practice delivering their own presentations, then receiving feedback from other participants.

Course Duration:  Virtual learning: Five Sessions each Session is 3 hours.

Training Methodology

This training session is designed in a way which considers the different learning styles of human beings and will provide the core knowledge and skills delegates should possess to perform an outstanding function.

Participants will be engaged from the very first moments in a multitude of activities that matches their background. They will be enrolled in numerous training activities:

  • Individual Exercises
  • Group Discussions
  • Reading Activities
  • Role Plays
  • Video Clips
  • Tutor Presentations
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Delegates Presentations

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