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Leadership is essential for organizations in order to meet the increasing business challenges, lead the sales teams effectively, and reach the desired future aspirations. Professional Coaching is the center of effective leadership.

About the Learning Program

Leadership & Coaching are essential to improve and develop employees’ skills and performance in the workplace. It is a great retention tool through keeping employees motivated. This program focuses on the different tools of leadership including coaching as an essential element of effective leadership.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the definition and objectives of leadership
  • To identify the key elements that influence the way we lead people
  • To highlight some of the most common mistakes leaders do
  • To provide participants with the essential skills for effective communication
  • To learn how to give and receive feedback
  • To improve the ability of each leader to motivate their direct reports
  • To create an energetic work environment
  • To help leaders understand the key steps for effective delegation
  • To provide each delegate with ways to handle conflict in the workplace
  • To understand the value of coaching
  • To realize the role of the coach
  • To learn the skills needed for coaching
  • To know how to plan for coaching
  • To practice the coaching process

Training Course Contents

Session 1

  1. Essentials of Leadership
  • Definition of management vs leadership
  • Why do leaders lead differently?
  • Most common reasons that cause managers to fail
  • Qualities of the leader
  • Leadership challenges in modern Era
  1. Leadership in the Workplace
  • The pro-active leader
  • The three circles of leadership
  • Applying leadership in the workplace (John Adair Model)

Session 2

  1. Situational leadership
  • Team Segmentation
  • Leadership styles
  • Leadership Style Self-assessment:
  • Leadership Video Level 1
  • MBWA


  1. Interpersonal Skills
  • Challenges of leaders in communication with their teams
  • The five Cs of effective communication
  • Qualities of an effective communicator
  • Top tips to enhance leaders’ communication


Session 3

  1. Motivation
  • Motivators in the workplace
  • De-motivators in the workplace
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs
  • Application of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs
  • Herzberg theory of motivation
  • Practicing motivation in the workplace


  1. Managing conflict
  • Reasons for conflict
  • Root cause effect of conflict
  • Perceptions and expectations
  • Understanding others’ point of view
  • Effective conflict handling
  • Role play session


Session 4

  1. Delegation
  • Barriers to delegation
  • Benefits of delegation
  • What should / shouldn’t be delegated
  • Guidelines for effective delegation
  • Individual Activity: Putting it together
    •  Each delegate will identify the tasks he can delegate to each of his team     
    •  Members based on two factors: the situational leadership, the Maslow
    •  Hierarchy of human needs.

Session 5

  1. Professional Coaching
  • Definition of coaching
  • Benefits of coaching
  • Skills and qualities for the effective coach
  • Responsibilities of the coach
  • Professional coaching self-assessment
  • Managers and supervisors in coaching
  • Leadership Video Level 2


  1. Coaching in practice
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Planning and preparation for the coaching session
  • Coaching mistakes and how to avoid them
  • The techniques for coaching
  • Golden rules for coaching
  • Role play: the full coaching process


  1. Key Learning Points

Course Duration:  Virtual learning: Five Sessions each Session is 3 hours.

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